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  • Author: Nyaro


Client download: Enjoy the server. donate 1 life on normal realm and get 1000 gold on Crushers server for donor items!

RotMG: How to get free/good items

  • Length: 0:37
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  • Author: Zhaysun Gaming


Doing a 101 subscriber giveaway! Watch the video to learn more about it! Thanks Youtube! :D REMEBER YOU HAVE TO BE SUBSCRIBED OR DON'T BOTHER POSTING YOUR IGN.

Rotmg stuff


so yea thats good.

ROTMG Reskinned Items Loot Video


So I was going to making a loot video, realised I had too many clips so I made a small one to go along with it. The audio has gone out a bit, I need to start...

Rotmg Free Account 2014

  • Length: 5:14
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  • Author: ivon padilla


Rotmg Free Account Bounux Sent me The account and password So i, Cini Will give it away If you want it Like and subscribe and comment This is the video from ...

RotMG - How to get good Items (v2)

  • Length: 1:58
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  • Author: HeroMax RotMG


Best place to farm T10-T11 equipment. This must have been an oversight, since no minions (especially respawners) should drop high tier loot. With a few more ...

Rotmg Drops! (Puppet Master white bag, Alchemist spins, Mad god items)

  • Length: 7:40
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  • Author: Yesicam Rotmg


Hey! I made a little montage of some cool things, got some white bags and other things, Sorry about getting the same white bag I was hoping for something els...

RotMG Shatters and some other stuff

  • Length: 21:30
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  • Author: TehGamer303


Shatters :DD.

ROTMG White Bag Drop Increase - September 17 2014 (Download Free)

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  • Author: ROTMG Hacks


Hey People so the download link is!yFd3zIKa!fAwvBuGMRh7K5gtcpgh3YMnGONbj0kA1ogmj2-9mQlY just do what i did in the video and you should b...

How to get free items in ROTMG

  • Length: 12:58
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  • Author: KRVRotmg



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